Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lose weight in an effective manner

Weight lose have become a common problem in today’s generation due to the hectic and unorganized lifestyle that we follow every day. Weight loss is not a mysterious process it’s a simple matter of burning calories than what you eat. But today when weight loss comes in mind people think about diet, pills & other fitness products available in the market that gives instant results. But all this is a myth the real success to losing weight is make small changes each day right from wake up and breakfast to dinner and sleep and the results will be there for you.

How many calories do I burn to lose a pound of fat?
The answer is 3500 calories is the approximate amount of energy contained in a pound of fat. So for instance if one intends to lose one pound per week then 3500/7 which accounts to 500 calories per day.

Below is a step by step process to getting started:
  1.    Know your BMR (Basal Metabolic rate) : BMR refers to the minimum amount of energy required to sustain vital functions such as digestion, breathing & circulation. So it is important to know your BMR for efficient weight loss.
  2.  Keep a track of calories burnt from regular activities done on daily basis. For examples calories burnt by exercising, dancing, playing are some of the examples. This will help to know and keep a close track of calories burnt and what is required to be done.
  3.  Keep close track of calories intake on daily basis. This can be done by noting down your regular eating & drinking habits.  But make sure that your calories intake does not go above a level as that much effort more will be required to burn it.
  4.  To sum it up take your BMR number, add it to calories activity and subtract it from food intake. So in short if you eat more you gain more and if you’re burning more then you eat then you lose weight.

Say for example my BMR is 1800 calories and I burn 1000 calories on daily basis. Now to maintain my weight I need to intake 2800 calories but, after close track of my food habits I come to know that my actual intake is 3100 calories. So with these 300 extra calories one can gain one pound in approximate 12 days. So make sure that your intake of calories & burning of calories are not much as it would lead to excess weight.

Hope this helps for people who need to lose weight not the hard way but the easy way.

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  1. Agree on the article but difficult to start following the schedule mentioned in the article :).